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Ksmart Manufacturing Systems and Solutions Private Limited was established in the year 2011 by Mrs. Kavita Jhaveri. The Ksmart group is an offshoot of M/s. Jhaveri Weldflux Ltd established in the year 1959 and took over its operations from 2011 in the field of welding consumables. The company is promoted by Mr. Pratik Jhaveri who is an alumnus of Rutgers Business School, New Jersey, U.S.A with the motto E.A.R.T.H: Eco-friendly Application of Resources & Technology for Humans. Aiming at being a global conglomerate the company has a strong management and workforce which adhere to its motto and global standards.

In search of a cleaner and greener planet the company developed software named as “DIGIDOCS”; which can potentially convert any office paper free. The company started its operations in the United States of America from New York and New Jersey and gradually established themselves in their home country India with offices located in Mumbai and Chennai. Few of the services provided include specialized Industrial software’s, Document management systems and work flow solution matrix.

Ksmart as a company has spread their wings in the field of Food processing, Interior Designing, Welding Consumables And Confectionary goods.


To Provide Eco-Friendly Applications of Resources And Technology For The Betterment Of Humans. In Short E.A.R.T.H.



We at Ksmart group believe in providing services which are in the best interest of our esteemed clients, hence we customize our software as per the requirements of our clients.
Our dedicated workforce develops a prototype individually for all our clients after a thorough read through understanding the client’s necessity and requests. We get into the stream of our clients business to cater their exact industrial needs.
We not only develop software’s but also assist in customizing the existing company software’s which in return puts away a great deal of time and funds for our clients.


Vague ideas lead to admirable results. But this era being so technologically advanced, it is necessary to be attentive of the ideas for a top business model to contour perfectly. If not done in an accurate manner, it can lead to serious perplexity and loss of precious time and money for the company.
It is here that we as a company come as redeemers. We take this task with utmost importance to help outline all the vague technical ideas into perfectly efficient solutions to keep your field of work pester free. This facilitates in avoiding any delays to our clients. 


Maintenance plays an important role in any field of work be it automation or hardware systems. Just like a motor vehicle needs repairs to run efficiently; software’s also require timely maintenance.
Software Maintenance is performed to assist in any technical faults, performance errors, making necessary changes and to keep your system up to date with the current inclination but without incurring any profound costs to build a new one.
The software’s and websites built by our company are periodically maintained by us with no extra costs.


Since the introduction of the “Smart Phone” everyday life has become very easy. At one touch one can check emails or play a game or find information. These applications have made a huge difference in today’s world. Such applications do not depend on any software’s to run; they are built to perform on their own. These applications attend to the needs of the end users without intense marketing and development costs.
We are one of the leading experts in desktop, mobile, Facebook and Google applications. We also cater to individuals who require smaller applications that are built for their personal and/or professional use.
We do not limit ourselves to any particular stream. If you have idea’s we have the ability to bring them to life.


Developing a software from ground up which will cater to the needs of many under the same roof is nothing but product development. Innovating new ways for increasing productivity and decreasing costs are the basis of this field.
We go through a series of steps which helps us ensure a better and state-of-the-art product for your individual or company needs.
We are exceptionally good in generating new ideas that helps our customers grow and be the best in their businesses. Our global copyrights for many of our products speaks for itself the ability and determination for developing the best and unique products.


In today’s world it is very important for one’s business to have a website which depicts their company information. Major part of the business world depends on the e-information given on a company’s website to make professional decisions. Millions of websites are developed everyday to display the business idea and/or the product across the market.
We recognize this demand and strive to achieve excellence in this field by creating your vision.
We specialize in creating distinctive, diverse yet simple websites to magnetize patrons to connect with their preferred target; be it an e-commerce website or just a portal to gather some knowledge. We do it all.



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